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Update on coronavirus crisis

NN CDC Pensioenfonds regularly posts information on developments that are relevant to your pension.

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NN CDC Pensioenfonds helps you to make conscious pension choices.

Is your pension on track?

Chairman André Hollenkamp explains how the Pension Planner helps you to stay on track.

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Tuesday 23 June



Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) 2020 online available

Do you work at NN, are you receiving pension or are you incapacitated for work? Or did you work for NN in the past and did you build up pension there? In June, important personal pension information has become online available.
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What if conditions are favourable or adverse?

What could happen to your pension if the economy performs well, or poorly, over a long period of time? From this year, your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) will include a forecast of your pension benefits under different economic circumstances. This new information is a response to new regulatory requirements for pension administrators such as NN CDC Pensioenfonds. Late last year, the Dutch government's pension website mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl started presenting pension forecasts as well.
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Funding ratios as at April 2020 are known

NN CDC Pensioenfonds’ funding ratios as at 30 April 2020 are known. The funding ratio is 96% and the policy funding ratio is 104%. Read this news update on the impact the coronavirus is having on the world economy and the pension fund's funding ratio.
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Update on coronavirus crisis

How is the pension fund doing financially and what is the impact on our services? NN CDC Pensioenfonds understands that its participants are concerned about the impact the coronavirus crisis may have on their pension. This newsletter for May gives you an update on the pension fund's situation.
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